ALEN is not your ordinary kind of performer. He performs amazing, real, and strange stunts that push the body’s natural limits; some of his skills include: Contortion, Fire Eating/Breathing, Sword Swallowing, Broken Bottle Walking, Escape Artistry, Human Blockhead, Electric Man and other amazing stunts.

No one puts the excitement and wonder in the eyes of his audience like the incredible ALEN. With 20 years of performing experience, ALEN has provided thousands of professional performances. Whether you’re in need of a corporate or a private party, ALEN will make your event a memorable one tailored to suit your needs.

ALEN uses the world of magic to create personalized, hysterical entertainment for all ages. He adapts his act on the fly to make sure everyone is having a great time, no matter their age or personality. His signature routines will be talked about for months!